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"Accessories Are an Exclamation Point"

Mackenzie ChigloComment

This is such a relatable quote from my favorite watch and handbag designer of the moment, Michael Kors. Great accessories can take an outfit from an 8 to a 12.5, whether it's a brightly colored statement necklace, a menswear-inspired watch or that perfect clutch for a night out. Oh, and shoes; don't forget great shoes! I personally wear the same watch and three rings every day. These are my staples, and I feel naked when I forget to put them on in the morning. From there, I play around with layering different necklaces together, and finding that perfect pair of shoes to complete my outfit. If you're in need of some new accessories to freshen up your look, a great place to start is Charming Charlie. The store is organized by color, which can either make for a very short trip if you know what you want, or a great time-waster when you're bored on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Take some inspiration from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and go "frost yourself."