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"Buy Less, Choose Well."

Mackenzie ChigloComment

Five years ago, I wouldn't have been able to relate to this quote; I had no problem opening up my wallet like money grew on trees - a problem I'm still working on. Whenever I thought something was cute, I just had to have it. It didn't matter if I already had close to the same thing hanging in my closet (hence the 30 oversize crewneck chunky sweaters folded on my shelf that won't get the TLC they rightly deserve). Recently though, I've had a change of mind. Since deciding to create this blog (starting my first big girl job and paying my own bills probably had some effect too), I've become a lot more picky with my purchases, only buying items that are very different from what I already own. I want to expand my closet, but with new and interesting, instead of the same old thing. Shopping now has turned into somewhat of a treasure hunt, with satisfaction arising only when I find that one new "golden" piece. Because of this, I've started to collect more statement pieces, and my wardrobe is becoming a more and more exciting place. Vivienne Westwood, you are one smart woman.