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Thanksgiving Outfit Perfection

Mackenzie ChigloComment

Nothing is more perfect for a Thanksgiving day spent with family than an oversize cable knit sweater and a cozy plaid blanket scarf. When paired with high waisted skinny jeans and suede ankle booties, it creates an effortless put together look while still being comfy and laid back. Who wants to be stuck in a dress and tights when they're trying to eat their yearly share of Grandma's turkey stuffing? Not me. If you see a "food baby" in your future, switching out jeans for leggings is another option. I would suggest looking for leggings with leather accents, and pairing with wool socks to be scrunched up just above the top of your booties. 

As far as scarves go, finding a true blanket scarf is a difficult feat. This one from Francesca's (I'm obsessed with this color combination) is not a perfect square, so I folded it in half to achieve the bandana styling in my fourth picture. Blanket scarves (and similar styles) are really versatile though, and there are many different ways to wear them; it all depends on the look that you're trying to achieve. 

Here's to a stylish Thanksgiving!

Scarf: Francesca's 

Sweater: Gap

Jeans: Gap

Booties: Guess

Bag: Anne Klein