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The Real Fashion Show

Mackenzie ChigloComment

This is a great quote from Bill Cunningham. For those of you who may not know who he is, I recommend following his life and work; it is truly fascinating. I was first introduced to his character while watching the documentary, Bill Cunningham New York, in my product development class at the University of Wisconsin. The documentary detailed his life as a fashion photographer on the streets of New York, describing his life in general, as well as his knack for catching awesome photos of the personal style and fashion of New Yorkers (along with the occasional celebrity shot). Many of Cunningham's photos have been published on the New York Times website (link below), where he creates short videos explaining the fashion trends he is currently seeing on the streets. Watching a few of these videos will validate this quote a thousand times over. Whether it's trends that are beginning to recycle themselves from earlier decades, or trends that embody the "trickle up" theory (emerge in the streets and are later adopted by designers, such as the t-shirt), you will see that the best fashion show start on the streets, showcasing how each individual expresses their personal style. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to be "spotted" next.