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My Top Five Tips for Organizing Your Closet + Lots of Stripes!

Mackenzie Chiglo2 Comments
Striped Jumpsuit
Striped Jumpsuit
Striped Jumpsuit
Striped Jumpsuit
Striped Jumpsuit
Striped Jumpsuit
Striped Jumpsuit
Flower Statement Earrings
Striped Jumpsuit
Striped Jumpsuit

Just wanted to hop on here quick and talk about this super fun jumpsuit, plus my top five tips for cleaning/organizing your closet! First off, this jumpsuit is P E R F E C T - it is so beyond comfortable, and works for any type of summer weather. I just wore this bridesmaid dress shopping with my friend for her wedding, and it was 95 degrees and humid. The lightweight material made the fact that I was wearing pants completely unnoticeable, and was actually preferred since I avoided that awkward leg sweat from sitting in one place for more than 20 minutes!! Does anyone else totally relate to this issue when it's this dang hot out?? Also, don't get me wrong - not complaining in any way about the sun and warm weather - this is my favorite season!

Ok, on to the good stuff. As you may have seen, I spent TWO WHOLE DAYS cleaning and organizing my closet last week, and I want to share my top tips so you can get your organizing game on too! I was so stressed out by my mess of a closet, and finishing this massive project literally gave me life! Follow these tips and you'll be a closet organizing ninja in no time -

  1. Do a little at a time - Spending a half hour a day tackling the organization of your closet makes it much easier to get started. Clean out just one drawer of your dresser, organize just your shoes, etc., and then come back tomorrow! Or, if you're like me, and let your closet get to the point of no return, just take the whole day (or more) and get it done. You'll feel a lot better. Trust me.
  2. DECLUTTER. This is the most important part. If you haven't worn something in over a year, let it go. From my experience, taking everything out and slowly adding it back in is the easiest. Start by adding back the items that you know you love or wear all the time. Start a "maybe" pile next - try everything on in this pile and take a look in the mirror. What's your first impression? If it's "meh" or you wouldn't buy it if you saw it at the store tomorrow, toss it. Get rid of anything that's too big or doesn't fit you anymore, or is damaged and unable to be fixed.
  3. Invest in coordinating hangers! This will make your closet much more aesthetically pleasing. I personally love velvet hangers - they prevent your clothes from slipping off and ending in a pile on the floor, and they are thin, which means more space for the clothes you love!
  4. Color coordinate! This will make finding that one specific shirt you want to wear a breeze when you're running late for work in the morning. I typically sort my clothing by type/silhouette, and then color coordinate within each of those sections.
  5. Store out of season or least used clothing in clear plastic bins in less accessible areas of your closet. For me, this means storing my sweaters in the spring/summer on my top shelves that are harder to reach. Just keep a little ladder nearby in case you need a second layer on a chilly summer night.

When you're all done, sell your gently used clothing and accessories at a resale boutique, and donate everything else! Do you have any tips you'd like to add? Drop a comment below! Happy shopping (and organizing) Loves!

Jumpsuit: Found at TJ Maxx (other fave striped jumpsuits linked below!)

Booties: MIA (Similar here, here and here)

Earrings: Robert Rose (Similar here, here and here)

Pearl Necklace: Designs by FMC (Similar here and here)

Y Necklace: Relativity (Similar here, here and here)

Watch: Movado

Bag: Michael Kors (Similar here and here)

Denim Jacket: Old (Similar here and here)